Top ten benefits of trivia games for your brain

The enjoyment of board games is as timeless as Hopscotch and Monopoly. The everlasting appeal of trivia games and quiz shows is a testament to our fascination with tidbits of knowledge. A recent article published in ‘Knowledge Quest: The Journal of the American Association of School Librarians’, indicates that the engagement and excitement produced by trivia games is directly related to cognitive and brain development.

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Trivia games can benefit the brain in different ways. Here are the top ten reasons why you should be playing trivia games now:

Top Ten Benefits of Board Games for Your Brain

Working Memory

Also known as short-term memory, working memory naturally diminishes with age. While the decline is mostly irreversible, it can be slowed down by the cognitive exercises provided by trivia games.


The structure and function of the brain can be modified at any age.


The learning process is actually a training process. Getting better at trivia games improves cognition, which in turn sharpens learning and memorization skills.


Neurons are generated in the hippocampus by a lifetime process. To produce neurons, the mind must be kept active and challenged.

Fluid Intelligence

The reasoning behind humans’ amazing adaptive ability is known as fluid intelligence. Trivia games may seem overly difficult or awkward to some people, but once they start to get the hang of it, the brain quickly begins to adapt to the new paradigm.

Frontal Lobe Activity

Studies conducted by the Psychology Department of the University of North Carolina – Wilmington show that games like Trivia Poker increase frontal lobe activity, thereby encouraging neurogenesis and fluid intelligence processes.

Cortisol – The Stress Hormone

The correlation of stress and cognitive dysfunction has been observed in numerous studies. When the brain is exposed to cumulative bouts of stress, it loses its ability to learn effectively. Even very intelligent people aren’t immune to the negative effects of stress on the brain. Trivia games are not only educational; they also help to take the edge off so that the cognitive process is boosted.

Mental Cross-Training

Comprehensive trivia games that test players’ skill, knowledge, memory, language, logic, and calculation are routinely used as therapeutic aids for veterans who suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This is sometimes referred to as cross-training the brain, and it is believed to help speed up the recovery of TBI patients.

Brain Connections

Do you ever wonder why it’s so easy to remember the names of your first grade teachers, but not what you had for breakfast? This is due to the peculiar way our brains carve pathways to memorization. Trivia games help our brains establish instant connections that help dig up both long and short-term memories.

Self Esteem

The jovial nature of playing trivia games in a social setting works wonders on emotion regulation and healthy ego boosting. What’s good for the soul is good for the brain.

Trivia games are part of the sound body-sound mind continuum. Teachers have been blending education with gaming since ancient times. The benefits of playing trivia games are too valuable to ignore. Now, quick: What’s the capital of Liechtenstein?

John Fisher has been teaching kids for over twenty years. As a trivia buff, he used trivia questions to have a little fun with his students. Geography quizzes were one of his favorites ways make sure he kept them on their game.